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Garage Door Opener Installation, Beverly Hills

If you are thinking to get a garage door repair expert to repair or install a new garage opener for you in Beverly Hills Los Angeles, if you are thinking to replace your old garage door opener in Beverly Hills, or you are thinking to install new garage door opener in Los Angeles by DIY, this article is for you. There are many garage opener manufactures in Los Angeles, you can find Liftmaster garage opener, Craftsman, Genie garage opener and more. And when you are thinking about installing a new garage opener in your house, or for a commercial overhead door your business in Beverly Hills, you are probably wondering which garage opener County will be the best garage opener for you.
We are to help you make the right decision, and to choose the best garage opener for you, in terms of strength, noise level, how easy it is to operate, and how often you will need to service it. Like we said there are many different garage door opener brands in Beverly Hills CA. Some believe that this particular brand offer the best garage opener in Beverly Hills CA, and some believe that another brand offer the best operator in the county.
We can say that after many years in the garage door field, and after installing thousands of garage openers in Beverly Hills, we chose the openers from Lift Master to be our preferred garage opener brand, and we will always recommend it as a new garage door opener. They offer high quality garage openers, that can last 25 years and more, and they are relatively easy to operate and maintain, and we are often seeing in Beverly Hills garage openers which are even older than that.
New Lift Master Garage Garage Door Opener, Beverly Hills
As we said, Lift Master opener, whether it is a chain drive opener, or a belt drive opener is our first choice when it comes to new garage door opener installation in Beverly Hills CA. Whether you need a new garage opener installation in zip code 90211, or a new garage opener installation in La Puente, we will always recommend you to go with Lift Master. Because when we install a new Lift Master opener, we know that we made one more of our customers in Beverly Hills satisfied, and this customer is most likely to recommend about Meta Garage Doors to people, since he know we just installed for him the best garage opener money can buy.
If you would like to learn more about the Lift Master garage opener, visit Liftmaster website, B and learn about the newest technology in the overhead doors market, and you will find which garage opener is the best for you. Today you can find garage opener with Wi-Fi connection, and more developments in the garage door field.

nEW Garage opener installation Beverly Hills

The new garage opener installation in Beverly Hills

Whether you live in Beverly Hills and looking for a new garage opener installation, or even if you look for a new garage opener installer in Los Angeles, CA, there is one important thing you should never forget: No garage door repair or installation, in Beverly Hills or someplace else worth your health and worth that you will put yourself in risk of getting injured. When you plan to do a repair and do it by yourself, you should never take risks, and remember that there is always a solution, and you can always use the services of a qualified garage door technician in Beverly Hills.
Before we will start explaining about the new garage opener installation, we would like to make it clear that if you prefer to do the new opener installation by yourself, and not using the services of a professional garage door expert in Beverly Hills, because you want to save money, we suggest you will stop now. Each one of our garage customers in Beverly Hills CA that we asked, told us that it just doesn’t worth the money. The time, the frustration, and the possible risk of installing a new garage opener by DIY, just doesn’t worth the money they saved. Especially if at the end they did call a garage door technician in Los Angeles to do the installation for them.

Can every garage door in Beverly Hills be motorized?

Most garage doors in Beverly Hills can be motorized, the question is how complicated the installation is going to be. If you had an opener installed before, and you are replacing it with a new motor, the installation of the new opener should be relatively simple. But if it is a new opener installation in a garage where there was never an opener installed before, there are few checks we need to do in order to make sure that the new opener can be installed:
New opener installation Beverly Hills checklist (No opener was ever installed)

  • Is there power in the garage? Many people tend to forget the basic thing that a new garage opener in Beverly Hills need electricity in order to work. If there is no electricity in your garage, you need to call an electrician in Beverly Hills Los Angeles to connect your garage to the electricity before installing the new opener.
  • Is there enough room above the garage door for the new motor? Some garages in Beverly Hills CA have low headroom, and installing a new opener may be impossible in those cases. In many cases there are many things that can be done to solve the problem, and for that you will need a garage door technician in Beverly Hills to come and check the door.

Beverly Hills Garage Door Repair Guys offer different solutions and new garage opener installation in Beverly Hills Los Angeles. We have successfully installed many garage openers in Beverly Hills, and each one of our customers in Beverly Hills CA will tell you that we did a great job. We deliver quality, since we believe this is the only way to build reputation. Whether you need new garage opener installed in Beverly Hills, or need new Liftmaster garage opener in Hermosa Beach, we can help.

Liftmaster opener installer Beverly Hills

What type of garage opener is the best in Beverly Hills CA?

The type of opener you need is not into which one is the best type is, but which type of opener is the best for you! The most popular garage openers you will find in Beverly Hills are the belt drive opener and the chain drive opener. They are both considered strong and reliable, and they are our best sellers in Beverly Hills CA.
The difference between them is the operating system. The chain drive opener operate with a steel chain, and it is louder than the belt opener which work with a rubber belt. The difference between them is that the belt is quitter (Due to the elimination of the noise that the steel chain create) but at the same time more expensive. But if you consider the fact that a new Lift Master Belt Drive opener can last for more than 20 years, it definitely worth the investment. To simplify things: If it important to you to have garage opener that operate silently, choose the belt drive opener. If how noisy the garage opener is doesn’t matter to you, the chain drive opener will be enough, as long as it is high quality garage opener, and it is from a leading garage door company in Beverly Hills, LA.

Can I install a new garage opener by DIY?

If it is not a commercial garage door in Beverly Hills, and if you are just replacing an existing garage opener, there is no reason why you will not be able to install a new garage opener in Beverly Hills by doing so yourself. But you must remember that even a simple garage opener installation can turn into a complicated process, which can take more hours than you planned, but more important can be dangerous. It doesn’t matter if it is a new Liftmaster belt drive garage opener, or a new Genie garage opener, you should never guess or take risks. There are local garage door companies in Beverly Hills that offer same day service, and can install a new garage opener for you today.
If you decided to go ahead and install the new garage opener by yourself, you can find many garage door tutorials that explain about garage door in Beverly Hills, and that will help you during the installation process. For example, you can use visit this garage door repair community, where you can learn and get tips for garage door repairs. But always remember, there are different garages in Beverly Hills CA, and the new garage opener installation can be different from one garage to another. Always use common sense, and avoid unnecessary risks. And for any question contact us, and we will try to assist you.

Safety sensor

Should I install safety sensors as well?

The answer to that question is very simple: YES! It is not up to you or to us. And it doesn’t matter if you own an overhead door in Beverly Hills or a broken garage door in Los Angeles. By the federal law, every automated garage door need to include a safety feature, and the safety sensors are the safety feature that can make the difference between life and death sometime.
You may find it unnecessary, and you may think you will be fine without the safety sensors, but when it comes to garage door safety, there is no room for questions. That one time when your garage door safety sensors will protect you, your son, your car, you pet or anything else from getting hurt by the closing door is enough that every overhead door in Beverly Hills will include safety sensors.
So if you are using a garage opener installer in Beverly Hills, or if you are installing the new opener y yourself, make sure that the safety sensors are installed properly, and remember that they are there for your safety.

What accessories do I need for a new opener in Beverly Hills?

Our new garage opener installation in Beverly Hills include 1 or two remote controls, a key-pad, a wall switch, and of course safety sensors which are wired to the garage opener. But the options are limitless, and you can choose to add remotes, include battery backup and more. We lately installed a new garage opener in White Plains Los Angeles and the owner asked for 10 remotes. Everything can be done, you just need to ask. But again, we will repeat what we said before, everything is optional expect one thing: The new garage opener in Beverly Hills must include safety sensors. This is not up to us or to you, and it is better that way.

Garage opener parts Beverly Hills
Should I fix my opener or install a new opener?
This is an important question that in order to answer it in a professional way, we will need to get more information, or to come to your home in Beverly Hills and inspect the opener. There are few question that you need to ask if you want to make the right decision on whether to fix or to replace your garage opener in Beverly Hills CA:

  • When was the opener installed?
  • What is wrong with the opener?
  • Does you opener include safety sensors?
  • How often do you use the opener?
  • How often do you use the garage?

As you can see, there are many things to consider when making a decision, but the important thing to check when you are planning to install a new opener in Beverly Hills is: Is the door operate perfectly when it is being used manually? If not, the problem must be fixed enforce installing the new opener. Do not expect the garage opener to “ignore” the problems. The door may work for a while, but if the door itself isn’t working properly, it is only a matter of time before the opener will stop working, and beside new opener, you will have to contact a local garage door company in Beverly Hills to come and fix the door for you.
Meta Garage Doors will always do things the right way: We will not ignore something if we see it (And after years of servicing garages in Beverly Hills, we cannot miss anything). We will never do a job which isn’t complete or ignore safety issues. For example, if your garage door opener is too old, and it doesn’t include safety sensors, we will not be able to repair it, and we will recommend you to replace it, or we will pass the job. We have a strong reputation as a trustable garage doors company in Beverly Hills, and we will do all it takes to maintain that reputation. Whether you need a garage door repair in Los Angeles, or a garage door repair near Hermosa Beach, we can help you today.

Install Garage Opener Only When the door is in perfect condition!

Do not expect the garage opener to be the solution to your garage door problem. If there is something wrong, you need garage door repair first, and only then to use the opener to open and close the door. Some people think that since it is hard to open their garage door manually, installing a garage door opener will solve the problem. But they are wrong! The garage opener shouldn’t be installed if the door is broken. And if there is already a garage opener installed, do not use it if the door is broken. First, take care of the problem, by using a garage door company in Beverly Hills, and only once the door is working again, you can use the garage door remotely. Any attempt to use the door remotely, when there is something wrong with the door, like a broken garage door spring, can result with a bigger damage, and even with injuries. During many years of servicing overhead doors in Beverly Hills, we have seen overhead doors crashing, garage doors falling from the tracks, and ending with huge damage. To avoid that, do not ignore a problem, and use a local garage door technician in Beverly Hills, CA to fix the broken door for you.

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